Vandervell has been manufacturing the world’s finest engine bearings since the 1930’s.

Now part of the MAHLE group, Vandervell, its legacy and commitment to world-leading motorsport product continues — from original VP2 bearing applications to latest F1 bearing technology.


Vandervell’s motor racing heritage dates from the 1950s when Tony Vandervell, the founder of Vandervell Products Ltd, operated his own Grand Prix racing team.

The pinnacle of success was reached in 1958 when the Vanwall team won the World Manufacturers’ Championship in Grand Prix racing.


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Mahle Motorsports is one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide with headquarters based in Germany. Backed by 95+ years of racing heritage and technology, Mahle Motorsports is widely regarded as the leading supplier of forged racing pistons and rings.

In 2007 Mahle Motosports acquired Vandervell – recognising Vandervell’s own racing heritage and complimentary expertise in the manufacture of world-class bearings as an ideal addition to its product portfolio.

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