The Transfer of Premium Racing Technology

The new MAHLE Motorsport range of bearings contains technology that has been transferred from MAHLE’s F1 bearing technology. Find out more about our key applications below.

Bearing Material

MAHLE use a casting process to achieve the best possible metallurgical structure for strength
and conformability. These materials have been specifically designed for use at the pinnacle
of motorsport and it is these very materials that are also used in the MAHLE Motorsport
aftermarket range.

Racing Notches

Many of the bearings in our motorsport range are manufactured with a “racing notch” which maximizes the cross-sectional area for good interference fit and eliminates disruption to the bearing bore and consequently to the all-important oil film.


Laser Markings

All bearings in our motorsport range are identified by laser marking rather than stamping which maximizes the efficiency of heat transfer from the bearing into the housing.

The cheapest method of identifying a bearing is by stamping. For motorsport applications where higher temperatures are experienced, the effectiveness of heat transfer into the housing should not be compromised. If the stamping is heavy and extends quite far round the bearing causing poor back contact then the efficiency of heat transfer will be reduced. Laser marking is an alternative method which creates smaller, more consistent marking which does not distort the backing and as such does not disrupt the back contact and subsequent heat transfer.

Sabre-Fit & Sabre-M Software

We also use proprietary software, SABRE-Fit & SABRE-M to design optimal performance bespoke bearings. SABRE-Fit software is used to calculate the optimum bearing fit and running clearance. SABRE-M is used to predict key operating parameters such as specific load, minimum oil film thickness, operating temperature, oil flow and power losses.

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