The Mahle Group was founded in 1920 and today employs more than 78,000 employees across 170+ production plants and 13 research and development centres in Germany, UK, USA, Brazil, Japan, China & India. The Mahle Group established its dedicated Motorsports arm “MAHLE Motorsport” in 2000 and soon positioned itself as the leading supplier of forged racing pistons, rings and latterly, bearings (with the acquisition of Vandervell in 2007.)

Widely recognized as the technology leader amongst race teams in almost every race series, MAHLE Motorsport offer leading innovative technology with the adaptability to satisfy a range of customer requirements. Every MAHLE Motorsport product is backed by 60+ years of racing heritage and technology. From the invention of the first aluminum pistons into series production to the most advanced design and machining processes being used today, MAHLE delivers unmatched performance and durability.

Nothing supports the MAHLE Group’s technology leadership as strongly as its achievements supplying championship winning teams in all top-level racing series worldwide.

  • Formula 1
  • Le Mans
  • MotoGP
  • WRC
  • DTM

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