Welcome to Vandervell Racing Bearings

Vandervell have been manufacturing the worlds finest engine bearings since the 1930's. The Vandervell name became well known during the 1950's when the company operated the Vanwall racing team with drivers such as Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks.

Ever since, Vandervell have been manufacturing engine bearings for the most arduous applications, and in particular for motorsport.

Vandervell is now part of the MAHLE group, so the best bearings in the world are now united with the best pistons in the world.


The Way We Used to Advertise
This old advert dates from the 1950s and advertises the fact that the new Hillman Minx is fitted with "Genuine Vandervell Thin Wall Bearings"
"V" for Vandervell
Such adverts are not politically correct nowadays but in 1945 this was fair game.